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People always ask me "WHAT DO I EAT AFTER I WORK OUT?" which is usually same case for evening meals if you work until late into the evening. 

Stick with more natural foods: yogurt, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables, peanut butter and good carbohydrates. I know you are probably trying to avoid them, but if you had an intense session of 60 mins or longer of non stop high heart rate exercises, you should also help your body to  replenish and recupperate. You also need to rehydrate your system. Replenishing liquids is just as important as refueling your body with energy.

Obviously you want to avoid fatty fried food, baked goods made out of refined sugar and excessive flour and nevertheless...EAT IN MODERATION! I know that when our brains send those messages: I am starving! I need foooood!!!! It's hard to think sensible and small portions, therefore at any given time, you want to avoid big intervals between meals and snacks and remind  your brains that even though you may be starving, THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR LAST MEAL! Eat to live and don't live to eat! 

Snack tip of this week: Persian cucumbers with hummus. 
Those cucumbers are DELICIOUS and have a very thin edible skin and finger food size. They are actually from Mexico, ha ha and when mixed with Hummus...Wow! Deliciously Zesty!!! Low calories, very natural and good for your skin! The Negative: Avoid the skin of them if you are pregnant! Major heartburn side effect:( 

Live Long...live healthy!