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Weight Loss Class/Boot Camp Saturday in Orange County for Losing Weight in a Fun Way

Weight Loss Class/Boot Camp Saturday in Orange County for Losing Weight in a Fun Way for only $12 a class with efficient 90 minutes fun class of dancing, body pump, abs exercise and great music! Join us on Saturday June 7th from 9-10:30am!

Weigh Loss, Summer Body, Fitness Classes, Lose Weight...Orange County...

Weigh Loss, Summer Body, Fitness Classes, Lose and efficient classes in Orange County for residents in 
Tustin, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Vila Park...who are looking for a less boring place than a gym to lose weight and stay motivated to keep in shape while having fun! Our classes are fun, high energy with up beat playlist and friendly welcoming crowd! Check it out! 

Boot Camps for Weight Loss, Salsa, Bachata and Burlesque in Orange County

Check out these Amazing and Very Affordable Boot Camps at OC DANCE STUDIO for Salsa, Bachata, Burlesque and Weight Loss! Discounted rates for limited time only! 

Salsa and Bachata classes in Orange county for people living in Irvine, Newport Beach and Costa MesaBurlesque classes and shows in Orange county

FUN WEIGHT LOSS FITNESS CLASSES IN ORANGE FOR PEOPLE living in Tustin, Anaheim Hills, Santa Ana...

$5 Weight Loss Boot camps at OC DANCE STUDIO for people living in Orange, Tustin, Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Santa Ana, Irvine, Costa Mesa...the sessions are Fun and Efficient! 30 Minutes of Non Stop Dancing followed by 45 minutes of Body Pump and 15 minutes of Stretching! 


HOLIDAYS are approaching and so is fatty comforting food!!! Why wait until New Years Resolution??? Get your bootie in gear and come join us for a GREAT WEEKEND KICK OFF CLASS every Saturday from 9-10am for a TOTAL BODY PUMP work out!!! Eat guilt free during the holidays and make New Year's Resolution to be about shopping for that smaller size clothing!!! Check our schedule for all other dancing and weight loss classes! Talk is cheap! Stop planning and simply DO IT!


Lately I find myself hearing more and more about students who have found out that by coming to our studio for different programs related to dancing, have helped them with their healing process of different issues either physicaly or emotionaly related. It sure makes us feel great to be promoters of positive experiences to our students so I thought about sharing some researches done by others to confirm that DANCING CAN BE HEALING...

Anne Krantz, a UCSF Clinical Psychologist and Dance Therapist explores the healing properties of dance.


Students are always asking for more UP BEAT songs for work out and ballroom dancing. Rhianna is probably the most played singer for CHA CHA & SAMBA rhythms! We have lots of her songs in the OC DANCE STUDIO playlist and here is another one of her many TOP HITS for your enjoyment and if you want to move and "swelt" under the influence of her high energy songs, just come join our WEIGHT LOSS CLASSES and start "Swelting" (Sweating and Melting)!!!!  Enjoy her video!

Friday Nights Must Have Dance Class Time!

Not sure what to do tonight or where to start? Start at OC DANCE STUDIO with easy to follow fun social Dancing Class for Singles and Couples! No partner needed but if you want to make it a date night...why not? Bring or partner or come alone and enjoy a few fun steps of Waltz, Swing, Cha Cha, Foxy, etc. It's always a surprise rhythm or rhythms! Class starts at 6:45-7:30 and dance floor is opened to all students for practicing time after class. Only $12 per person or no extra cost with $55 monthly pass.


OC DANCE STUDIO is about a lot more than just a dance studio! Our philosophy is about making people feel and look great! We are now featuring a boutique of WOMEN ASEXORIES (sexy accessories) to enhance ladies' every day basis with beautiful sexy elements without spending a fortune! We are barely starting and in the next few months we are committed to providing great products at an affordable pricing to make you look great and feel sexy! Check this necklaces for example: only $19 each!

Tips on Losing Weight on a Daily Basis with Small Actions

You decided is time to lose some weight, but not sure yet on how to start or get motivated. Mean while, each day that passes by is an extra day of extra weight until you actually take action. Then you set up big plans and because it takes time and work you end up not doing anything about and again more days and time passes by. Let's start with baby steps! Today and every day for the next 30 days you will do the following:
1) park your car as far as possible to the main entrance of your work, grocery store, shopping store, etc.