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There is no such a thing as TOO MUCH work out!!! We are adding an extra WORK OUT DAY this month with 90 mins of LATIN CARDIO & BODY PUMP and 60 mins of YOGA all back to back for your pleasure only!!! LOL    Come join us this Saturday from 10:30am-1:00pm for great work out and start your weekend with golden key and say good bye to the extra unwanted calories from those summer trips!!! No excuses! We even made very affordable for extra motivation purposes! Check this out:
1 hour= $12  or 2 ½ hour= $20 (no pass holders)

Better Than Zumba? Miracle Weight Loss programs or pills?

Our Power Latin Cardio Classes are going stronger than ever! The word of mouth has been the best support for the program and the ladies who have joined are dedicated, motivated and less frustrated! The energy at studio during classes is contagious and is the best ingredient! Some claim this class to be even better than ZUMBA! True or not true? Who knows? But it sure has helped people to feel better about themselves and avoid being home over eating or feeling sad or less active!

Now is it such a thing as miracle WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS OR PILLS?